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Definition of then:

  1. At another time; later; again.
  2. At that time ( referring to a time specified, either past or future).
  3. In that case; in consequence; as a consequence; therefore; for this reason.
  4. Soon afterward, or immediately; next; afterward.
  5. Than.


therefore, further, indeed, hence, until, at that point, suddenly, furthermore, whence, thus, wherefore, this, so, when, later, moreover, yet, either, years ago, here, thusly, last, because, sometime, all at once, withal, likewise, again, also, all, consequently, accordingly, and so, besides, and then, thereupon, soon after, formerly, too, before long, past, thence, whenever, additionally, before.

Usage examples:

  • Then you need much wind?

    - "Tom Swift and his Air Glider or, Seeking the Platinum Treasure", Victor Appleton.
  • Then I don't like you!

    - "Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman", Thomas Hardy.
  • Then get 'em if you can.

    - "Cy Whittaker's Place", Joseph C. Lincoln.