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Definition of wicked:

  1. Cursed; baneful; hurtful; bad; pernicious; dangerous.
  2. Evil in principle or practice; deviating from morality; contrary to the moral or divine law; addicted to vice or sin; sinful; immoral; profligate; - said of persons and things; as, a wicked king; a wicked woman; a wicked deed; wicked designs.
  3. Having a wick; - used chiefly in composition; as, a two- wicked lamp.
  4. Ludicrously or sportively mischievous; disposed to mischief; roguish.


sickening, guilty, funky, dark, wrong, implike, deleterious, intense, damaging, prankish, stark, awesome, atrocious, smelly, inhuman, foul, unrighteous, utterly, infamous, sinful, unholy, just, irreligious, noisome, evil-minded, unsportsmanlike, good-for-nothing, diabolical, sly, infernal, blind drunk, hellish, bitchy, knockout, stern, dissolute, soused, nocuous, extraordinary, knavish, unpalatable, foul-smelling, unhallowed, disreputable, depraved, remorseless, irredeemable, stiff, life-threatening, downright, resistant, illegal, nefarious, displeasing, painful, unwelcome, plastered, injurious, unprincipled, utter, patronising, evil, arch, prejudicial, troublesome, soaked, repellent, dreaded, mischievous, malign, tricksy, immoral, right, uncharitable, flagrant, contemptible, word up, serious, incorrigible, sour, uncongenial, despiteful, peccant, foetid, gross, pixieish, reprobate, amoral, tight, naughty, revolting, profane, cockeyed, perversive, murderous, deviant, salacious, virtuous, opprobrious, cruel, unethical, roguish, diabolic, sordid, my bad, direful, be the bomb, slippery, loaded, sadly, marked-up, shameless, loathly, frightful, poisonous, repellant, honest, heartless, queasy, unspeakable, good, tremendous, horrendous, attitude, grave, pitiless, bad, ratty, unpleasing, yucky, nauseating, harsh, unsporting, unreformable, devilish, sinister, cruddy, flagitious, heavy, easy, scampish, espi├Ęgle, impish, cutthroat, cheating, fearsome, disgusting, besotted, ignoble, smutty, patronizing, excruciating, peccable, squiffy, unredeemable, fetid, unlovely, blasphemous, austere, sorry, demonic, distasteful, loathsome, afoul, dangerous, gross-out, culpable, filthy, perverted, fuddled, heinous, condescending, ill-scented, hopelessly, wet, dirty, nauseous, horrific, over-the-top, crocked, irreclaimable, despicable, pernicious, icky, severe, stinking, sozzled, satanic, unworthy, disgustful, disagreeable, rascally, unsavory, hard, dread, awful, unkind, fiendish, leprechaunish, corruptive, wayward, frightening, fouled, ungodly, pie-eyed, pissed, adverse, mephistophelian, pixie, ugly, black, pixilated, rotten, noxious, sloshed, dire, low-down, thorough, puckish, blotto, skanky, repelling, slopped, waggish, pesky, fearful, villainous, iniquitous, unsavoury, terrible, tricky, rebarbative, such as it is, smashed, ill, unlawful, mephistophelean, dreadful, degraded, elvish, vicious, spartan, monstrous, grievous, vile.

Usage examples: