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Definition of aimless:

  1. Without aim or purpose; as, an aimless life.


undirected, drifting, pointless, stray, pointless, rudderless, slapdash, blind, rootless, indecisive, irresolute, unpredictable, helter-skelter, arbitrary, fanciful, erratic, vagrant, spontaneous, involuntary, dissolute, unavailing, fitful, fickle, scattered, instinctive, heedless, eccentric, by accident, indiscriminate, catch-as-catch-can, floating, unintended, thoughtless, objectless, wandering, without aim, wayward, wanton, helpless, to no purpose, directionless, rambling, unfruitful, capricious, purposeless, impromptu, unsettled, desultory, adrift, afloat, without end, vagabond, unplanned, flighty, purpose, desultory, planless, careless, coincidental, shiftless.

Usage examples: