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Definition of borderline:

Synonyms for borderline:

delimitation, well-nigh, contrast, unsure, molding, crib note, uncertain, indeterminate, indecisive, border, bare, minimum, clear, examiner, practically, doubtful, clouded, fringy, almost, candidate, collision, point, minimal, in question, contradiction, exam, problematic, a world of difference, distinction, boundary line, diversity, variety, difference, variation, threshold, mock, certificate, frontier, crib, edge, near, unclear, brink, chancy, problematic, nearly, verge, close, periphery, certain, problematical, equivocal, mete, ambiguous, doubtful, perimeter, scarcely, iffy, all but, in doubt, inconclusive, rim, hardly, indeterminate, examination, divergence, dubitable, edging, questionable, marginal, brim, uncertain, margin, barely, questionable, at issue, moulding, dubious, fringe, cheat sheet.

Usage examples: