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Definition of grisly:

  1. Frightful; horrible; dreadful; harsh; as, grisly locks; a grisly specter.


dingy, horrendous, low-spirited, lurid, charnel, sickish, down in the mouth, disturbed, outrageous, demented, appalling, dismal, alarming, terrific, forbidding, grim, ghastly, awful, downhearted, sepulchral, inexorable, unappeasable, disgusted, terrible, low, sorry, dour, horrific, monstrous, depressed, nauseated, queasy, mad, pallid, unbalanced, tired of, shocking, black, sick of, atrocious, dreary, horrid, ill, wan, taboo, fed up, relentless, dreadful, nightmarish, unrelenting, beautiful, disgusting, brainsick, unforgiving, dispirited, dark, gloomy, frightful, downcast, offensive, indecent, pale, drear, scandalous, stern, mordant, macabre, nauseous, hideous, disconsolate, horrifying, horrible, blue, drab, down, unhinged, crazy, gruesome, nightmare, sick.

Usage examples: