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Definition of knockout:

Synonyms for knockout:

kayo, adorable, delightful, peach tree, bop, arduous, grueling, stun, chop, blow, beguiling, arm-wrestling, salmon pink, punishing, ko, model, inspiration, eye-catching, heavy, bare-knuckle, classic, hammer blow, terrible, spectator, backbreaking, miracle, cross, dish, watcher, faint, peach, appealing, nice-looking, phenomenon, marvel, strike, grievous, knock out, babe, looker, witness, serious, go under, thoroughbred, captivating, toilsome, fit, sweetheart, the sublime, lulu, viewer, beauty, saucer, bonk, dishful, smash, strong, sensation, hard, blackout, beaut, yellowish pink, crack, bout, dangerous, clout, pass out, dish antenna, mantrap, stern, bantamweight, hit, bump, boxing, apricot, dish aerial, lovely, debaucher, bang, wicked, difficult, smasher, operose, black out, masterpiece, laborious, slump, box, stark, count out, doll, cuff, boxer, violator, dream, cup of tea, truelove, steady, ravisher, surd, tough, stunning, butt, intemperate, stunner, unvoiced, austere, life-threatening, sweetie, bag, gem, voiceless, severe, concentrated, grave, spartan, corner, gruelling, collapse, beautiful.

Usage examples: