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Definition of needy:

  1. Distressed by want of the means of living; very por; indigent; necessitous.
  2. Necessary; requiste.


destitute, famished, badass, hard up, constitutionally, pauperized, the poor, poor, dirt-poor, barren, beggared, the dispossessed, poverty-stricken, beggar, indigent, wiped out, adaptive, addictive, the needy, devoid, needful, born, dirt farmer, flexible, skint, strapped, rich, necessitous, the have-nots, pauper, white trash, penniless, classy, impecunious, threadbare, flawed, the least/less privileged, free, penurious, beggarly, clingy, babyish, broken, broke, penniless, impoverished, peasant, innocent, down-and-out.

Usage examples: