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Definition of ratty:

Synonyms for ratty:

pettish, bovine, despicable, pitiful, frayed, petulant, scummy, worn-out, tattered, tatterdemalion, neglected, bombed-out, choleric, grouchy, aging, grungy, mangy, flashy, short-tempered, bad-tempered, raspy, bedraggled, peevish, broken-down, crabby, faded, cheap, decaying, snappish, feline, dumpy, seedy, aged, nasty, antiquated, shoddy, sneaking, stuffy, rundown, grubby, down-at-the-heels, lousy, age-old, stale, mean, dusty, grumpy, dog-eared, trashy, cold, antique, scurvy, down-at-heel, dirty, decrepit, threadbare, tacky, flash, paltry, testy, brassy, dingy, snippy, scrubby, cranky, perverse, gimcrack, porcine, tatty, quick-tempered, tawdry, timeworn, fractious, snappy, irritable, tumbledown, moth-eaten, ageing, canine, sorry, duck, gaudy, equine, horsey, deplorable, hot-tempered, cross, loud, miserable, scruffy, beat-up, pitiable, ancestor, lame, leonine, crotchety, shabby, all the worse for wear, ancient, touchy, sleazy, fiery, temperamental, snarky, aquiline, irascible, snippety, garish, better, wretched, meretricious, antiquity, mothy, worn, dy, waspish, prickly, birdlike, raggedy, run-down, scabby, cruddy, dilapidated, moody, antediluvian, sensitive.

Usage examples: