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Definition of rummy:

  1. Of or pertaining to rum; characteristic of rum; as a rummy flavor.
  2. One who drinks rum; an habitually intemperate person.
  3. Strange; odd.


laughable, unmated, left, comic, drunk, inebriate, amusing, unexpended, shady, drunkard, pontoon, odd, homophile, uneven, remaining, beggar-thy-neighbor, singular, Drugs, unmatched, soak, lush, boozer, remarkable, rum, suspicious, peculiar, sot, unpaired, funny, wino, risible, fishy, mirthful, strange, unusual, tippler, boozehound, stiff, left over, gay, particular, leftover, comical, sponge, souse, curious, unique, special, suspect, queer.

Usage examples: