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Definition of intemperate:

  1. Excessive; ungovernable; inordinate; violent; immoderate; as, intemperate language, zeal, etc.; intemperate weather.
  2. Indulging any appetite or passion to excess; immoderate to enjoyments or exertion.
  3. Specifically, addicted to an excessive or habitual use of alcoholic liquors.
  4. To disorder.


labored, impenetrable, cloggy, surd, wakeless, lumbering, gravid, sullen, knockout, voiceless, indulgent, sound, expectant, threatening, arduous, great, severe, clayey, laboured, tough, grave, strong, inordinate, lowering, dense, big, weighed down, profound, punishing, grueling, leaden, laborious, uncontrolled, heavy, backbreaking, extreme, unvoiced, hard, overweight, operose, untempered, concentrated, ponderous, grievous, gruelling, difficult, enceinte, unrestrained, with child, weighty, sonorous, fleshy, toilsome, large.

Usage examples: