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Definition of triumphant:

  1. Celebrating victory; rejoicing, as for victory; expressing joy for success.


thriving, joyful, glad, imperious, exuberant, happy, lordly, conquering, sniffy, prideful, prize-winning, exultant, dominant, in the lead, rejoicing, conquering, victorial, contented, ded, gleeful, pleased, content, crowing, supercilious, proud, alive, top-, going, satisfied, haughty, cheerful, win, cock-a-hoop, carefree, jubilant, triumphing, in ascendancy, exulting, laurel-crowned, victorious, lucky, out front, with flying colors, crank, swaggering, palmy, overbearing, triumphal, prosperous, undefeated, glorying, flourishing, winning, elated, disdainful, unbeaten.

Usage examples: