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Definition of clutter:

  1. A confused collection; hence, confusion; disorder; as, the room is in a clutter.
  2. Clatter; confused noise.
  3. To clot or coagulate, as blood.
  4. To crowd together in disorder; to fill or cover with things in disorder; to throw into disorder; to disarrange; as, to clutter a room.
  5. To make a confused noise; to bustle.


hurricane, disturbance, coil, disorderedness, alarums and excursions, smorgasbord, jumbal, hurry, collage, variety, olio, turn something upside down, muddle, alphabet soup, moil, medley, be beyond someone, helter-skelter, litter, squalor, uproar, hoo-ha, whirl, salmagundi, stir, bluster, be (as) clear as mud, ruction, motley, bomb site, do, clutter up, topsy-turviness, blather, miscellanea, rumpus, pandemonium, macédoine, sprawl, jam, row, hotchpotch, furor, kerfuffle, farrago, mixed bag, welter, fun, jungle, williwaw, jambalaya, crazy quilt, pickle, ado, patchwork quilt, mess up, patchwork, snafu, fix, grab bag, hurly, olla podrida, pother, squall, storm, splore, make a mess of something, tangle, to-do, bustle, hubble-bubble, furore, gallimaufry, omnium-gatherum, assortment, agglomeration, hubbub, smother, ballyhoo, shuffle, menagerie, deepen, confusedness, ragbag, potpourri, fuddle, hoopla, jumble, baffle, obscure, order, montage, bobbery, foofaraw, mélange, ragout, bother, zoo, mystify, hodgepodge, gumbo, clatter, hullabaloo, corroboree, hole, muck up, shambles, defy, shindy, complicate, kettle of fish, stew, hurly-burly, agglomerate, hurry-scurry, mishmash, salad, pastiche, ruckus, mare's nest, fuss.

Usage examples: