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Definition of crowd:

  1. A confused multitude of persons; a throng; a mob; a number of things together; the populace.
  2. To press together; to fill to excess; to encumber with numbers; to extend to the utmost, as a ship crowds on sails.


crew, muster, concourse, bear on, draw in, commons, confluence, drive, rank and file, score, crush, besiege, push, conflux, amigo, hoi polloi, converge, crowd together, flood back, bunch, fight, network, fill, age group, remind, scrum, assemble, get in, mate, ruck, firm friends, array, press, confidante, congregation, gathering, cram, plebs, over, reach, arrive, companion, flood, meeting, cozy up, klatch, rout, crusade, stock, work party, cloud, agitate, huddle, conclave, tug, stream, batch, big, caboodle, bring/call someone/something to mind, clutch, get, pack in, plebeians, commonality, convention, common, muster, commoners, trigger, choke, girlfriend, friend, awake, recall, lot, meet, congress, land, collect, galère, clump, clustering, convocation, jog someone's memory, organization, third estate, jam, conference, pleb, saturate, labor, buddy, bike, chum, stuff, come in, deluge, close up, come to, advertize, commonalty, cluster, acquaintance, surge, galaxy, clump together, busload, plebeian, advertise, appear, refresh someone's memory, promote, constellation, community, millions, fold, coven, labour, bring back, enter, gang, campaign, crush, get-together.

Usage examples: