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Definition of defraud:

  1. To deprive of some right, interest, or property, by a deceitful device; to withhold from wrongfully; to injure by embezzlement; to cheat; to overreach; as, to defraud a servant, or a creditor, or the state; - with of before the thing taken or withheld.


rip off, cozen, chouse, hornswoggle, sting, thimblerig, bunco, mulct, con, euchre, short, sucker, be caught with your hand in the cookie jar, take, memorise, hose, sneak, shortchange, purloin, flimflam, skunk, stiff, diddle, ream, get your hands dirty, insinuate yourself (into something), skin, stick, copy, shake down, squeeze, screw, learn, fiddle, abduct, study at cheat, goldbrick, scam, pluck, cabbage, hustle, snatch, bleed, do, kidnap, swindle, gaff, hook, shirk, victimize, nobble, play, snarf, gyp, honest, beat, victimise, trim, pack, gull, memorize, toy, shrink from, short-change, pinch, chisel, rook, do in, gip.

Usage examples: