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Definition of desolate:

  1. Destitute of; lacking in.
  2. Destitute or deprived of inhabitants; deserted; uninhabited; hence, gloomy; as, a desolate isle; a desolate wilderness; a desolate house.
  3. Laid waste; in a ruinous condition; neglected; destroyed; as, desolate altars.
  4. Left alone; forsaken; lonely; comfortless.
  5. Lost to shame; dissolute.
  6. To lay waste; to ruin; to ravage; as, a fire desolates a city.
  7. To make desolate; to leave alone; to deprive of inhabitants; as, the earth was nearly desolated by the flood.


pine away, unhappy, keep, forsake, chill, devastate, gloomy, bony, melancholy, tenebrous, squander, barren, sodding, rejected, plutonian, melancholic, sullen, joyless, gloomy, spiritless, staring, black, forgotten, solemn, tenebrific, unadulterated, cheerless, unsheathed, raw, saturnine, unfinished, vacant, miserable, devoid, morose, severe, dejected, unfrequented, dim, depressive, naked, crude, mere, everlasting, stark, ruined, dull, melancholy, dead, depressing, dolorous, murky, gross, inconsolable, double-dyed, infertile, austere, poor, bereft, sepulchral, downhearted, wistful, nude, wasted, lonely, deserted, drear, pure, dire, hardscrabble, innocent, vacate, cold, clear, sunless, adrift, blue, dark, depopulate, downcast, stripped, cutting, dreich, ware, complete, Cimmerian, defect, down, lay waste to, blasted, simple, unproductive, forsaken, desolated, light, forlorn, inhospitable, alone, unornamented, alienated, stern, abandon, bare, abandoned, cloudy, blue, somber, devastated, do in, flagellate, free, funereal, comfortless, depressed, dreary, blunt, harry, desert, consummate, bleak, au naturel, estranged, unconsolable, heavy-hearted, languish, gray, perfect, give up, empty, sad, happy, scourge, godforsaken, destroyed, hollow, tristful, morbid, dispirited, dismal, waste, uncrowded, utter, thoroughgoing, friendless, ravaged, low, void, macerate, happy, blow, run off, downcast, disconsolate, derelict, knock off, lugubrious, wretched, glum, full, help, liquidate, ravage, plain, emaciate, dysphoric, blank, rot, arrant, uninhabited, destitute, scanty, consume, neutralise, darkening, vacated, unembellished, elegiac, neutralize, lorn, impoverished, sad, spare, disused, marginal, dismal, unfertile, lonesome, isolated.

Usage examples: