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Definition of condition:

  1. A particular mode or state of being; a disposition of body or mind; order, rank, or quality; terms of agreement; something laid down as essential.


hold back, climate, specialise, comb, limit, spell, specification, checker, originator, stipulation, correspond, form, build, chassis, nail down, ill, be, peg down, prepare, reason, barometer, shape, braid, preservation, composition, contain, range, designate, must-have, narrow, agent, tick off, specify, pattern, pin down, essential, mark, turn back, limited, climatic, term, cultivate, embodiment, delineate, intend, ail, wellness, need, blow-dry, soma, check, weather forecast, former, figure, particularize, watch, hold in, seasonal, discipline, throw back on, moderate, coach, flesh, retard, circumstance, mental health, prohibition, hold sway, full term, tone, groom, author, contingency, crack, temperate, stricture, control, creator, see, agree, mold, enter, bod, check over, restriction, modify, stipulate, setting, gibe, zone, insure, better, assure, fountain, cause, spring, chequer, sort out, ensure, string, well-being, experimental condition, keep down, precondition, measure up, take, distemperature, set, fetter, match, motivate, restraint, status, given, background, take aim, assign, break, dispose, define, fitness, physique, check off, inure, check into, delimitate, jibe, civilize, actor, wont, judicial admission, check out, origin, develop, anatomy, thoughtfulness, backcomb, nick, state of affairs, delay, tick, narrow down, terminal figure, cast, demand, set apart, educate, direct, keeping, human body, conformation, rail, as is, sine qua non, school, conditions, considerateness, determine, cure, health, look into, source, incline, fit, epidemic, accustom, particularise, hold, learn, delimit, weather, causation, aim, civilise, barbershop, retainer, distemper, designer, boundary, needful, trouble, meteorology, stand, consideration, presumption, see to it, contour, influence, suss out, stop, ill health, confine, tally, find out, arrest, check up on, order, cornrow, ascertain, circumscription, implant, motive, correct, fettle, estate, comb out, terminus, frame, constitution, usual, characterise, kilter, habituate, mark off, train, antecedent, causality, predispose, crimp, material body, power, if, trail, necessary, context, repair, characterize, qualify, fix, specialize, go over, destine, precedent, restrict, trim, physical body, curb, confines, regulate, contagion.

Usage examples: