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Definition of distrust:

  1. Doubt of sufficiency, reality, or sincerity; want of confidence, faith, or reliance; as, distrust of one's power, authority, will, purposes, schemes, etc.
  2. State of being suspected; loss of trust.
  3. Suspicion of evil designs.
  4. To feel absence of trust in; not to confide in or rely upon; to deem of questionable sufficiency or reality; to doubt; to be suspicious of; to mistrust.


scruple, mistrust, mistrustfulness, take something with a grain/pinch of salt, query, uncertainty, dubitation, suspicion, intuition, leeriness, apprehension, suspiciousness, hunch, incertitude, trust, scepticism, skepticism, certain, misgiving, doubt yourself, surmise, reserve, distrustfulness, dubiety, reservation, qualm, distrustful, misdoubt, a question mark over something, suspect, suspicious.

Usage examples: