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Definition of confidence:

  1. Trust; reliance; security; boldness; courage.


self-trust, dash, dominance, resoluteness, trust, composure, cool, office, trustfulness, self-possession, spirit, hunch, assurance, satisfaction, stock, self-assuredness, corporate trust, aplomb, hardihood, morale, self-reliance, resolution, firm/safe ground, self-confidence, conspiracy of silence, gut feeling/instinct, self-possession, reliance, self-assertion, beyond (any) doubt, fortitude, cartel, assumption, authorization, positiveness, doubtlessness, say-so, pledge, attitude, grit, guarantee, intrepidity, effrontery, hidden agenda, backbone, determination, heart, authorisation, aplomb, sanction, poise, assertion, government agency, stoutheartedness, stealth, trade secret, intimacy, chutzpah, agency, secrecy, temerity, trustingness, certain, dependence, authority, secret, credence, self-esteem, tenacity, overconfidence, fearlessness, state secret, cocksureness, assuredness, confidentiality, spunk, potency, federal agency, arrogance, bureau, combine, firmness, self-assurance, face, sureness, impudence.

Usage examples: