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Definition of divided:

  1. Cut into distinct parts, by incisions which reach the midrib; - said of a leaf.
  2. of Divide
  3. Parted; disunited; distributed.


forficate, distributed, bicameral, metameric, mullioned, divided up, disjointed, partitioned, torn, segmental, forked, multilane, biloculate, bifurcate, at loggerheads (with someone), controversial, discordant, disjunct, partitioned off, segmented, dual-lane, separated, branched, tined, pentamerous, irreconcilable, episodic, shared out, disconnected, cloven, biramous, split, sectioned, on a collision course, bifurcated, trifid, cleft, bilocular, bifid, shared, chambered, subdivided, in contention, at odds (with), fragmented, in disagreement, at cross purposes, dichotomous, bisulcate, biramous, apart, prongy, pronged, disunited, two-chambered, sectional, separate.

Usage examples: