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Definition of offensive:

  1. Giving offense; causing displeasure or resentment; displeasing; annoying; as, offensive words.
  2. Giving pain or unpleasant sensations; disagreeable; revolting; noxious; as, an offensive smell; offensive sounds.
  3. Making the first attack; assailant; aggressive; hence, used in attacking; - opposed to defensive; as, an offensive war; offensive weapons.
  4. The state or posture of one who offends or makes attack; aggressive attitude; the act of the attacking party; - opposed to defensive.


ghoulish, rank, crime, opprobrious, criminal offense, scurrilous, queasy, detestable, assaultive, scrimy, invasive, abusive, funky, sickening, abhorrent, uneasy, sick, unsavory, live, pain, repelling, vile, the Blitz, uncongenial, verminous, invading, awful, shocking, front, foetid, morbid, criminal offence, bombardment, objectionable, like, loathsome, on the offensive, foul-smelling, disgusting, disgustful, unsavoury, fulsome, freestyle, obscene, odoriferous, wicked, hit-and-run, censurable, blitz, onrush, violative, nuclear, nauseated, dysphemistic, nervous, loathly, blast, sepulchral, predatory, exceptionable, barrage, ghastly, revolting, onside, heavy, insolent, hideous, incursive, skanky, repugnant, repulsive, discourteous, nauseous, anxious, explosive, bombing, onslaught, ugly, horrid, scornful, charnel, law-breaking, stinking, air strike, nauseating, air raid, unworthy, foul, smart, offensive activity, obnoxious, distasteful, backhanded, antipersonnel, attempt, blitzkrieg, worthless, defensive, yucky, repellant, slimy, unwholesome, good, appalling, impolite, onset, sickish, creepy, offending, long-range, unsympathetic, assault, ill-mannered, insulting, umbrage, wretched, assailment, strike, nonnuclear, unpleasant, offside, tip-and-run, noisome, anti-tank, conventional, horrific, offense, ill-scented, anti-personnel, raiding, attacking, unquiet, smelly, discourtesy, abrasive, attack, repellent, outrageous, antiaircraft, offence, marauding, displeasing.

Usage examples: