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Definition of pervert:

  1. One who has been perverted; one who has turned to error, especially in religion; - opposed to convert. See the Synonym of Convert.
  2. To become perverted; to take the wrong course.
  3. To turn from truth, rectitude, or propriety; to divert from a right use, end, or way; to lead astray; to corrupt; also, to misapply; to misinterpret designedly; as, to pervert one's words.
  4. To turnanother way; to divert.


maltreat, rick, worm, cast down, misuse, doctor, doctor up, get down, ill-treat, damage, alloy, depress, corrupt, load, mislead, reproach, bribe, wrick, wrench, stain, convolve, ill-use, misguide, buy, cloud, subvert, outrage, vilify, bestialize, usual, dismay, mistreat, wrong, turn, step, sprain, sex, void, overthrow, persecute, bring down, deprave, misapply, disparage, convolute, deviate, falsify, demoralise, clapperclaw, weaken, vituperate, defame, wind, mishandle, harm, curve, misappropriate, defile, abuse, invalidate, dilute, misaddress, demoralize, flex, slander, canker, violate, debase, molest, impose on _or_ oppress, mar, help, taint, true, spoil, color, shout, misstate, impair, clean, misdirect, wrest, animalize, stretch, sabotage, rail at, dispirit, squirm, wrestle, malign, overturn, sully, twist, writhe, belie, aggrieve, wriggle, countermine, grease one's palms, twist around, profane, victimize, twine, misemploy, sophisticate, prostitute, deviant, degenerate, deflower, injure, undermine, ravish, debauch, ruin, upon, vitiate, brutalize, counteract, lead astray, deject, misrepresent, revile, bastardize.

Usage examples: