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Definition of refined:

  1. Freed from impurities or alloy; purifed; polished; cultured; delicate; as; refined gold; refined language; refined sentiments.
  2. of Refine


small, cultured, dandy, culture, excellent, delicate, slim, niminy-piminy, restrained, slap-up, milled, ladylike, debonnaire, overrefined, neat, pure, educated, sylphlike, sharp, debonaire, straight, civilized, minute, gracious, full-strength, polite, gentlemanlike, finespun, purified, not bad, sensitive, courtly, dainty, tasteful, nice, slight, lissom, gentle, enlightened, subtle, couth, nifty, swell, lithe, gauzy, dressed, comminuted, sophisticated, prim, great, keen, slender, smooth, gentlemanly, tenuous, well-bred, cultivated, urbane, mincing, graceful, smashing, mannerly, peachy, processed, civilised, well-mannered, big, superfine, thin, groovy, elegant, lithesome, lissome, svelte, bang-up, corking, courteous, debonair, suave, subtile, supple, high-minded, genteel, cracking, sublimate, bully, twee.

Usage examples: