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Definition of stink:

  1. A strong offensive smell.
  2. To emit a strong offensive smell.


beef, transgress, smell up, not scruple to do something, exude, demurrer, remonstrance, murmur, genus Mephitis, foetor, resort to, difficulty, funk, fuss, offensive odor, muskiness, pungency, kick, moan, rant, smell/stink to high heaven, malodour, fume, pew, commit, grievance, stoop, go/run off the rails, sink, question, challenge, exception, perpetrate, stink up, fetor, compromise yourself/your position, sell out, grumble, malodor, protest, expostulation, demur, gripe, smell to high heaven, smells, odour, mustiness, stench, demurral, smack, reek, complaint.

Usage examples: