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Definition of Toward:

  1. Approaching; coming near.
  2. Readly to do or learn; compliant with duty; not froward; apt; docile; tractable; as, a toward youth.
  3. Ready to act; forward; bold; valiant.


in the direction of, attached, approaching, as regards, next door, beneficial, useful, profitable, at, into, favorable, aboard, united, nearby, alongside, helpful, early, against, ahead, barely, as for, pointing to, apropos of, advancing, among, earlier, failing, on the road to, on the way to, across, advantageous, proceeding, benignant, concerning, via, as to, by the time, advance, close to, beside, prior, since, up, help, close, before, from, from all sides, in relation to, barring, beneficent, regarding, respecting, oncoming, salutary, cum, next to, first, as far as, previous, forward, headed for, benefic, apropos, of, moving, bound for something, direct, near, amid, good, propitious, on, touching.

Usage examples: