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Definition of bunkum:

  1. See Buncombe.
  2. Speech- making for the gratification of constituents, or to gain public applause; flattering talk for a selfish purpose; anything said for mere show.


horseshit, baloney, bunk bed, piffle, rubbish, poppycock, nonsensicality, tommyrot, buncombe, rigmarole, bunk, rot, berth, drivel, meaninglessness, guff, hogwash, putrefaction, bilge, hokum, applesauce, decomposition, nonsense, built in bed, bullshit, Irish bull, feed bunk, claptrap, garbage, trash, balderdash, malarkey, dogshit, bull, hooey, shit, rotting, knowledge, tomfoolery, blather, idiocy, twaddle, crap.

Usage examples: