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Definition of cult:

Synonyms for cult:

band, ardor, followership, absolution, angelic, awe, persuasion, following, denomination, popular, veneration, pop, rage, passion, furor, hot, blaspheme, Baha'i, hysteria, fashionable, church, worship, reverence, cleric, article of faith, madness, craze, fad, acclaimed, furore, congregation, religion, fury, cultus, love, delirium, credo, blasphemous, well-received, faith, top-rated, big, deference, school, romance, faction, archangel, creed, coreligionist, bless, viral, much loved/respected/admired/criticized etc., blessing, devotion, frenzy, respect, audience, brother, ascetic, admiration, animism, blasphemy, religious cult, angel, brethren, clique.

Usage examples: