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Definition of luscious:

  1. Cloying; fulsome.
  2. Gratifying a depraved sense; obscene.
  3. Sweet; delicious; very grateful to the taste; toothsome; excessively sweet or rich.


pleasant-tasting, ingestion, tangy, buxom, heavenly, satisfying, voluptuary, blistering, exquisite, delish, luxurious, red-hot, delectable, felicitous, bodacious, full-bosomed, racy, dulcet, edible, sonsie, flavorsome, enjoyable, pleasurable, epicurean, toothy, welcome, enchanting, sybaritic, juicy, sexy, hunky, scrumptious, busty, like, congenial, seductive, naughty, blessed, smoky, nice, curvy, sexually attractive, mouthwatering, yummy, voluptuous, attractive, grateful, darling, desirable, carnal, curvaceous, charming, luxuriant, dishy, jolly, sonsy, pleasing, happy, gamey, blue, dreamy, dainty, slinky, hot, full, gratifying, sultry, fat, stacked, pretty, fleshly, delightsome, delicious, well-endowed, gamy, agreeable, tasteful, risque, bosomy, sizzling, toothsome.

Usage examples: