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Definition of miscellany:

  1. A mass or mixture of various things; a medley; esp., a collection of compositions on various subjects.
  2. Miscellaneous; heterogeneous.


mélange, garland, concoction, crazy quilt, omnium-gatherum, ragbag, shuffle, clutter, arsenal, assortment, olla podrida, form, compartmentalisation, patchwork, bevy, botch, macédoine, variety show, olio, classification, compartmentalization, alphabet soup, stew, salmagundi, hotchpotch, mixing, mixed bag, wreath, lei, montage, chaplet, florilegium, farrago, litter, potpourri, diversity, muddle, agglomeration, variety, collection, categorization, jungle, battery, salad, bale, jumble, collectanea, conglomeration, mixture, jumble, admixture, welter, mishmash, assemblage, autobiography, collection, grab bag, hodgepodge, miscellanea, hash, compilation, ragout, jambalaya, gumbo, assembly, scramble, patchwork quilt, almanac, change, anthology, intermixture, collage, atlas, menagerie, collect, batch, commixture, reader, compendium, hodgepodge, medley, bible, kind, biography, bank, authority, blook, motley, agglomerate, diverseness, mix, annual, coronal, smorgasbord, categorisation, sort, tumble, rummage, album, gallimaufry, multifariousness, bestseller, symposium, pastiche.

Usage examples: