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Definition of offspring:

  1. Origin; lineage; family.
  2. That which is produced; a child or children; a descendant or descendants, however remote from the stock.
  3. The act of production; generation.


youth, chick, manifestation, heredity, offshoot, colt, proceeds, chip off the old block, the upshot (of something), girl, way out, child prodigy, take, payoff, spawn, boy, issue, end result, number, boomerang kid, baby, yield, foal, scion, succession, outlet, publication, return, adolescent, subject, side effect, generation, military issue, government issue, fawn, issuance, emergence, materialisation, bullock, issuing, imp, bairn, cub, heirs, get, children, sibling, exit, the aftermath, progeny, brood, cherub, young, topic, matter, filly, egress, influence, seed, calf, kin, materialization, takings, next generation, impact, brood.

Usage examples: