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Definition of quagmire:

  1. Soft, wet, miry land, which shakes or yields under the feet.


toil, hot water, net, quandary, tragedy, quicksand, mh, slackness, rattrap, dry, rabbit hole, slump, flats, worst-case scenario, slack water, sticky wicket, muskeg, mire, scrape, jam, catch-22, jackpot, plight, battle, Dutch, stress, deep water, mudflats, nightmare, perplexity, spot, trap, quag, falloff, fix, predicament, noose, bind, box, entanglement, snare, morass, wetland, hell, marshland, tanglement, trouble, soup, pickle, slop, ordeal, impasse, hole, difficulty, corner, crisis, drop-off, slough, hot spot, fenland, slack, dilemma, falling off, easy.

Usage examples: