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Definition of secretive:

  1. Tending to secrete, or to keep secret or private; as, a secretive disposition.


by a side door, cheeseparing, surreptitious, faithful, tight-mouthed, snug, in chambers, confidential, airless, incommunicative, furtive, honest, classified, under the cloak of, between ourselves, taciturn, in a corner, tight-lipped, stuffy, clandestine, undercover, tight, skinny, in private, reserved, sneaky, reticent, furtive, in strict confidence, sneaking, confining, with bated breath, in privacy, secret, shadowy, close, sly, dark, under the breath, cheeseparing, closemouthed, close-fitting, penny-pinching, uncommunicative, mysterious, in the background, nigh, closelipped, unaired, underground, in the dark, near, tightlipped.

Usage examples: