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Definition of trickery:

  1. The art of dressing up; artifice; stratagem; fraud; imposture.


glibness, delusion, imposition, jiggery-pokery, mischief, deceit, wiliness, dishonesty, devilry, craft, trickiness, slickness, skullduggery, mischievousness, untruth, chicane, slip, double-dealing, fraud, roguery, roguishness, rascality, wile, deceitfulness, slyness, fabrication, prevarication, deviousness, finesse, lying, mischief-making, indirection, slick, lie, foxiness, hocus-pocus, deviltry, slipperiness, honest, shenanigan, falsehood, cunning, sneakiness, skulduggery, craftiness, shiftiness, chicanery, Hanky Panky, devilment, duplicity, underhandedness, shadiness, hypocrisy, guile, dissimulation.

Usage examples: