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Definition of undecided:

  1. Not decided or determined; wavering; hesitating.


all, reserve, be thinking of/about doing something, chalk something up, concede, of two minds, unique, agonized, overt, on the fence, dubious, be a toss-up, agonizing, indeterminate, undefended, up in the air, dissonant, aggregate, distrustful, bury, certain, indefinite, undetermined, in the balance, opened, unsettled, attack, unfinished, undefendable, capable, face to face, paradise, fateful, circumstantial, trustless, uncommitted, receptive, indecisive, effectively, skeptical, torn, situated, candid, unresolved, dubious, unsolved, indecision, in the middle, assist, doubtful, deadlock, heart-to-heart, open, doubtful, be better/worse off, mistrustful, assailable, hinky, cushion, effective, exposed, unconcluded, loose, suspicious, subject, clear, at a loss, unfastened.

Usage examples: