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Definition of unfavorable:

  1. Not favorable; not propitious; adverse; contrary; discouraging.


ill-chosen, disapproving, accusatory, barbed, reproachful, regrettable, uncompetitive, unsuitable, unfit, acerbic, inconvenient, premature, evil, reproving, destructive, biting, ominous, infelicitous, ill, harmful, malapropos, precarious, unpromising, ill-advised, admonishing, admonitory, late, invidious, luck, ill-timed, on the rocks, ill-fated, awkward, acid, counter, untoward, unseasonable, help, hopeless, unsympathetic, blistering, objectionable, prejudicial, discriminatory, abortive, negative, acrid, astringent, improper, unadvantageous, untimely, faltering, not have a hope in hell, unseemly, inauspicious, inimical, tardy, unfavourable, adverse, hostile, disadvantageous, shaky, inopportune, inexpedient, embarrassing, contrary, unworkable, accusing, ad hominem.

Usage examples: