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Definition of abrupt:

  1. An abrupt place.
  2. Broken off; very steep, or craggy, as rocks, precipices, banks; precipitous; steep; as, abrupt places.
  3. Having sudden transitions from one subject to another; unconnected.
  4. Suddenly terminating, as if cut off.
  5. To tear off or asunder.
  6. Without notice to prepare the mind for the event; sudden; hasty; unceremonious.


plain-spoken, uncivil, impolite, bold, falling, disconnected, rugged, headlong, inconsiderate, downright, staccato, fragmented, level, broken, split, angular, surprise, frank, uphill, polite, blustering, scattered, astute, uneven, illogical, ungracious, overhasty, rough, rude, sheer, shrill, sharp-worded, discourteous, coarse, shrewd, brusk, unceremonious, matter-of-fact, needlelike, precipitous, short-spoken, horizontal, impetuous, sudden, sharp, snippy, penetrating, direct, piercing, knifelike, unmannerly, disjointed, disordered, gracious, jagged, open, flat, attitude, bluff, crusty, crude, penetrative, unconnected, acuate, confused, precipitant, zigzag, ceremonious, precipitate, garbled, steep, irregular, discriminating, disunited.

Usage examples: