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Definition of subject:

  1. Being or living under the power or dominion of another; exposed; liable, either from extraneous or inherent causes; obedient; tributary.
  2. One who owes allegiance to a sovereign; one who lives under the dominion of another; that which is treated or handled in speaking, writing, art, & c.; materials; matter; a dead body for dissection; the theme; the topic; the hero of a piece; in logic and gram., that part of a proposition concerning which anything is affirmed or denied.
  3. To bring under; to subdue; to expose; to make liable; to put under or within the power of; to enslave; to cause to undergo.


musical theme, casing, instance, candid, able, publication, theater of operations, cherub, posit, realm, countrywoman, compositor's case, playing area, clear, prevail over, overmaster, defer, egress, field of battle, reduce, endangered, resign, under guard, substance, present, cognitive content, melodic theme, outlet, put down, nonexempt, theater, grammatical case, heart-to-heart, guinea pig, mental object, national, line, report, scene, emergence, aesthetic, worst, thing, correction, take, effect, field, sensitive, undefended, hooked, unresolved, government issue, issuance, field of force, compatriot, subaltern, force field, eccentric, typeface, plain, marooned, domain, playing field, submit, subject to something, loose, airfield, issuing, theatre of operations, payoff, strung-out, anatomize, line of business, radical, collocate, overmatch, contentedness, repress, contingent, landing field, dissect, undefendable, depicted object, citizen, in thrall to, face, referent, keep down, content, pass on, specialty, start, pillow slip, outcome, ruled, up to, detection, prone, causa, type, open, bow, event, field of operation, sketch, susceptible, pendent, lawsuit, study, area, written report, allophone, cogitation, suit, number, work, cleft sentence, capacity, drug-addicted, detect, offspring, stranded, discipline, shell, dependant, orbit, accede, military issue, consequence, directed, relegate, down, fount, caseful, aboriginal, the body politic, item, control, survey, flavor, vulnerable, controlled, proceeds, equal to, tentative, part, font, sheath, clause, sphere, composition, return, susceptive, branch of knowledge, undecided, community, pillowcase, field of honor, root, article, relative, receptive, typesetter's case, state, collateral, commission, qualified, cause, likely, double-blind, territory, athletic field, citizenry, adjunct, reconcile, pendant, over, conditional, quash, example, paper, allomorph, showcase, empirical, legend, case, undetermined, accusative, governed, progeny, conditioned, countryman, theatre, battleground, draftsmanship, field of study, character, adequate to, flying field, put forward, subject matter, arena, chromatography, answerable, slavish, assailable, homage, taxable, way out, opened, exposed, display case, discomfit, reliant, biopiracy, render, base, put in, liable, citizenship, result, antecedent, stem, field of operations, format, exit, animal rights, yield, root word, under someone's control/influence/spell, birthright, overt, give in, bailiwick, slip, field of view, ground, subject field, subject area, champaign, unfastened, vitrine, affair, takings, capable, battlefield.

Usage examples:

  • But the subject was started.

    - "A Red Wallflower", Susan Warner.
  • On such a subject!

    - "One of Our Conquerors, Complete", George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009.
  • But let us go back to our subject.

    - "Britain for the British", Robert Blatchford.