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Definition of counterfeit:

  1. A cheat or impostor; one who pretends to be what he is not; that which is made in imitation of something else.
  2. False; forged; made in imitation of something else; not genuine.
  3. To copy or imitate without authority or right; to forge; to imitate with a view to deceive; to feign; to dissemble.


form, photocopy, dub, contrive, shady, sham, pretended, devise, snide, synthetic, act, spurious, mold, onomatopoetic, fashion, bogus, phoney, onomatopoeic, ostensive, assumed, backhanded, ostensible, mealymouthed, talk through one's hat, two-faced, formulate, illegal, spirt, double-faced, knock off, suppositious, bad, forge, hypocritical, imitation, hammer, false, play-act, inauthentic, lip, honest, cook, unctuous, queer, onomatopoeical, put on, pseudo, bastard, dissemble, echoic, base, imitative, shape, phony, fake, bull, fudge, unauthorized, unauthentic, manipulate, clandestine, Janus-faced, excogitate, bullshit, supposititious, wrongful, fictitious, spurt, invent, mock, feigned, Pecksniffian, unlawful, wangle, mealy, fictive, unconstitutional, forged, jive, assume, phony-baloney, pinchbeck, left-handed, illicit, improper, mould, work, run off, true, forgery, double-dealing.

Usage examples: