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Definition of crazy:

  1. Broken; feeble; weak; shattered in mind.


kookie, demented, tired of, smitten, nauseous, cuckoo, twisted, crackers, raring, witless, disgusted, hot, baseless, buggy, pitched, loopy, childish, round the bend, sick of, sinuous, weirdo, whacky, sick, loon, ding-a-ling, curving, loony, fed up, pallid, pumped, angry, upset, wild, risky, scatty, fervent, nuts, wacko, sappy, not in your right mind/not right in the head, worried, doddering, greedy, fatuous, lunkheaded, anxious, cockeyed, warm, screwball, thirsty, wan, distraught, huffy, harebrained, remarkable, wacky, listing, bananas, weak-minded, concern, out-of-the-way, curled, hopped-up, slantwise, waste, keen, looney, non compos mentis, ill, unhinged, juiced, barbarian, impractical, disquieted, daffy, uncivilized, desirous, distressed, sore, antsy, touched, mentally ill, barbaric, crackbrained, mad, outré, windy, tempestuous, imbalanced, headcase, lopsided, madwoman, balmy, hungry, bizarro, twisting, cranky, tilted, grim, unearthly, ability, groundless, knowledge, weirdie, offbeat, uneven, godforsaken, spook, gruesome, off-kilter, unsound, loving, winding, impatient, brainsick, unfounded, avid, barmy, geeked, enthused, taken with, savage, certifiable, enthusiastic, bughouse, far-out, macabre, crooked, agog, gaga, maladjusted, cock-a-hoop, raging, funky, askew, unwarranted, meshuga, queerish, disturbed, fanciful, unwise, quaint, unrestrained, bats, featherheaded, stoked, great, furious, mental, loco, curling, simpleminded, zany, zealous, solicitous, distracted, curved, fruity, jerky, unbalanced, nutcase, tipping, sane, hazardous, in love, dotty, raving mad, kinky, nauseated, fantastic, disordered, bending, around the bend, creep, meshugge, slanting, ghastly, fool, infatuated, queasy, voracious, over-the-top, wise, way-out, sickish, spaced-out, daft, screwy, underdone, uncivilised, gung ho, dippy, unreal, haywire, athirst, cracked, wrong, softheaded, atilt, crazed, nutjob, pale, devious, moonstruck, grisly, soft on, untamed, idle, dingbat, excited, bonkers, space cadet, enamored, oblique, wud, aslant, bedlam, ardent, strange, off-the-wall, senile, loony tunes, violent, rabid, curvy, skewed, bubbleheaded, weirdy, hepped up, tortuous, inept, frantic, serpentine, slanted, unusual, rum, doddery, insane, tomfool, half-baked.

Usage examples:

  • Why, your pa's crazy!

    - "Flowing Gold", Rex Beach.
  • " Are you crazy, boy?

    - "Jess of the Rebel Trail", H. A. Cody.
  • Uncle Matt's just crazy about Tom.

    - "The Rosie World", Parker Fillmore.