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Definition of rummage:

  1. A place or room for the stowage of cargo in a ship; also, the act of stowing cargo; the pulling and moving about of packages incident to close stowage; - formerly written romage.
  2. A searching carefully by looking into every corner, and by turning things over.
  3. To make room in, as a ship, for the cargo; to move about, as packages, ballast, so as to permit close stowage; to stow closely; to pack; - formerly written roomage, and romage.
  4. To search a place narrowly.
  5. To search or examine thoroughly by looking into every corner, and turning over or removing goods or other things; to examine, as a book, carefully, turning over leaf after leaf.


frippery, ransack, second-hand goods, shake down, turn upside down, antiques, hand-me-downs, beat the bushes, leave no stone unturned, turn inside out, ransacking, stuff, investigate, miscellany, old clothes, used goods.

Usage examples: