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Definition of corner:

  1. A free kick from close to the nearest corner flag post, allowed to the opposite side when a player has sent the ball behind his own goal line.


bind, tree, ceding back, coming, ridge, boxful, turning point, branch, junction, hot water, coign, time out, turn, scrape, predicament, niche, pickle, Dutch, edge, dilemma, deep water, boxwood, deferral, break, impending, veer, plight, fix, imminent, loge, near, ecological niche, shoetree, control, curve, approaching, receding, easy, fork, watershed, street corner, projection, shift, inlet, spot, difficulty, recession, trouble, jam, coigne, recess, crossing, respite, quoin, angle, hot spot, bend, nook, intersection, landmark, box seat, rim, convenient, owned, quagmire, soup, monopoly, close, box, hole, recessional, indentation.

Usage examples: