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Definition of sprout:

  1. The shoot or bud of a plant.
  2. To bud or germinate; to grow like buds or shoots of plants.


tear, outgrowth, escalate, climb, youngling, chap, stock up, dart, fool away, deadhead, shoot up, come out, film, add to, fool, break through, stockpile, scud, cherub, charge, choke, kin, kiddo, bloom, coffee, raise, buy in, kiddie, swarm, hit, erupt, die back, burgeon, grow, chick, feed, step up, rear its (ugly) head, aerial root, bean curd, fritter, bur, anther, cub, spring up, snap, pip, photograph, bean, pour, fritter away, dissipate, bed out, come and go, cross-pollinate, blast, child prodigy, aerate, scoot, runner, burgeon forth, bulb, cross-fertilize, bract, stock, bean sprouts, youth, cocoa butter, soar, carry, teem, drill, blade, bairn, offshoot, bonsai, squirt, reappear, pullulate, dash, chickpea, appear, bourgeon, take root, coffee bean, spud, evolve, imp, stream, crop up, bear, blossom, go through the roof, bine, take shape, double, cocoa bean, broad bean, shoot down, compost, bambino, take, fade, descend on, flash, tendril, appearance, issue, adolescent, loom, frivol away, beanstalk, come up, buck, moppet, black-eyed pea, germinate, go up, shoot, multiply, Midland, boomerang kid, increase, inject, pop up, sprat, whelp, resurface, boll.

Usage examples: