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Definition of uneasy:

  1. Not easy in manner; constrained; stiff; awkward; not graceful; as, an uneasy deportment.
  2. Not easy; difficult.
  3. Occasioning want of ease; constraining; cramping; disagreeable; unpleasing.
  4. Restless; disturbed by pain, anxiety, or the like; disquieted; perturbed.


quiet, depth, clumsy, vile, afraid, sickish, hairy, disturbing, sickening, acrimonious, unrestful, deep, distressed, graceless, stormy, dreamless, agitating, languishing, somnambulist, dithery, solicitous, awkward, offensive, sleepyhead, sleeper, distressful, precarious, nerve-racking, snappish, noisome, edgy, troubled, lightly, the matter, nauseating, collected, nervy, gauche, basic, shaky, dying, apprehensive, perplexed, Houston, we have a problem, on edge, placid, atwitter, burning, fidgety, creepy, ill at ease, light, unsettled, feelings, peevish, in the wrong place at the wrong time, restive, restless, frightened, sick, one thing after another, casual, rustic, fretful, suspicious, Sleeping Beauty, hinky, nauseous, flighty, stilted, wrung, affective, concerned, bitter, spooky, wooden, insecure, worried, broken, inelegant, irritable, hung up, nauseated, it's not someone's day, unnerving, tired, deep-seated, acutely, uncomfortable, disquieting, unsatisfied, uptight, het up, anxious, trouble is brewing (for), unforeseen, unstable, rough-hewn, unsettling, stiff, goosey, loathsome, distressing, blind, antsy, fraught, tense, aflutter, queasy, nail-biting, constrained, ungraceful, strange, irascible, calm, worrisome, neural, vexed, alarmed, noctambulism, nervous, fearful.

Usage examples: