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Definition of vex:

  1. To be irritated; to fret.
  2. To make angry or annoyed by little provocations; to irritate; to plague; to torment; to harass; to afflict; to trouble; to tease.
  3. To tos back and forth; to agitate; to disquiet.
  4. To twist; to weave.


get down, campaign, commove, find, lecture, offend, foment, tucker out, taunt, distress, raise up, fluff up, inconvenience, cleave, mystify, excoriate, contract, insult, come, rile, berate, set off, arrest, draw, become, call on the carpet, cod, feelings, astonish, thump, agitate, sit, ignite, reprimand, hold fast, plague, heat, lambaste, nettle, obtain, beat out, chew out, chew up, mother, nonplus, shift, acquire, tick, interrupt, tucker, regulate, complicate, thwart, bunk, fix, trouble oneself, aim, make, vanquish, outwit, pound, bring forth, have words, produce, overreach, outfox, call down, bug, quiver, have, set, beat up, shell, stay put, grow, exhaust, position, discombobulate, annoy, father, arrive, bewilder, suffer, get to, put, plump up, model, reproof, cling, jar, rally, bemuse, reorganise, personate, reorganize, outsmart, instigate, posture, rag, fetch, disoblige, jaw, set out, devil, take, nark, beat, access, stick to, pulsate, commence, charge, induce, perplex, rouse, care, lodge, discommode, circumvent, receive, fray, fire up, tantalise, throw, get, sire, displease, flap, cohere, excite, stick by, put out, bump around, wake, engender, spoil, razz, cause, reach, incur, bawl out, place, gravel, crush, pain, wound, wedge, gall, baffle, start out, ticktack, urticate, inconvenience oneself, stand by, besot, rub, crusade, interest, anger, ride, stun, thrum, roil, go, ticktock, cross, scold, scramble, incite, work over, scratch, frustrate, bind, ruffle, stay, take to task, sting, shake, capture, catch, bilk, get at, pay off, amaze, stir, foil, irritate, scram, occupy, pay back, present, lambast, stir up, beget, charge up, trounce, wash up, develop, chafe, stick, disturb, chide, buzz off, bugger off, tantalize, remonstrate, succuss, convey, dress down, bother, flummox, crucify, deposit, dumbfound, fight, scotch, pose, stimulate, stupefy, experience, bond, worry, budge, concern, adhere, provoke, set about, lay, dun, sustain, begin, bring, push, drive, astound, stick around, let, press, affront, get under one's skin, incommode, start, rebuke, turn on, progress to, drum, generate, shake up, twit, impersonate, touch, puzzle.

Usage examples: