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Definition of acidic:

  1. Containing a high percentage of silica; - opposed to basic.


satiric, sour, scalding, acrid, amino acid, biting, acerb, acid-forming, tartish, astringent, bittersweet, citric acid, sardonic, acid, sourish, scathing, hydrochloric acid, trenchant, acidulous, brackish, truculent, stinging, sulfurous, homocysteine, vitriolic, corrosive, mordacious, acetic acid, attack, acidify, sulphurous, blistering, smart-mouthed, mordant, respect, flavored, slashing, fiery, smart-aleck, caustic, snarky, smart-alecky, barbed, chocolatey, chocolate, acidity, acidulent, vinegary, virulent, cutting.

Usage examples: