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Definition of solution:

  1. The act of dissolving by means of a fluid; a liquid which contains one or more solid substancs diffused throughout it; explanation; the explanation or removal of a doubt or difficulty; the worked- out answer to a problem, or of an equation.


resultant, radical, drop, hangman, moisture, brain teaser, jigsaw, solvent, beginning, spatter, ascendent, final result, condensation, computational, outcome, issue, base, resolution, clarification, dissolvent, resultant role, rootage, resolving power, origin, upshot, compromise, result, dissolving agent, quiz, quizmaster, sip, ask, solving, source, firmness, binomial, effect, decimal place, abacus, tooth root, closure, puzzle, root, charades, stem, etymon, resoluteness, etymon, answer, river, jet, heuristics, root word, leak, noughts and crosses, way out, firmness of purpose, event, countdown, resolvent, fix, splash, remedy, ancestor, average, settlement, approximation, theme, cure, response, deviation, process of elimination, clue, algorithm, crossword, antecedent, calculation, resolving, algorithm, explication, dissolver, trickle, resolve, reply, declaration, consequence, ascendant, termination.

Usage examples: