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Definition of cursed:

  1. Blasted by, or under the influence of, a curse; abominable; detestable; execrated.


damned, blooming, darn, ill-fated, deuced, demonic, freaking, ill-omened, suffer, be afflicted with, like, unredeemed, blamed, confound it/him/her/them, unsaved, damnable, demon, great Scott/Heavens, goddam, doggone, fiddlesticks, lost, everlasting, confounded, bloody, cotton-picking, accurst, goddamn, exorcism, possessed, maledict, blame, exorcise, darned, fated, infernal, accursed, bear, danged, endure, dang, disgusting, shucks, offensive, stuck with, blessed, curst, unlucky, ruddy, hateful, gosh, dash it (all), damn, blasted, execrable, doomed, ill-starred, possession, odious, goddamned, cursed with.

Usage examples: