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Definition of eternal:

  1. Continued without intermission; perpetual; ceaseless; constant.
  2. Exceedingly great or bad; - used as a strong intensive.
  3. Existing at all times without change; immutable.
  4. One of the appellations of God.
  5. That which is endless and immortal.
  6. Without beginning or end of existence; always existing.
  7. Without end of existence or duration; everlasting; endless; immortal.


unfailing, stark, arrant, consummate, never-ending, deathless, indomitable, always, limited, unadulterated, staring, double-dyed, eterne, dateless, forever, persistent, indestructible, inconstant, eonian, indefinite, nonstop, without end, aeonian, unceasing, utter, immortal, finite, amaranthine, endless, sodding, imperishable, continuous, ever-living, perpetual, ongoing, always, gross, ageless, permanent, interminable, temporary, sempiternal, relentless, complete, continue, never-failing, around-the-clock, round-the-clock, thoroughgoing, unfading, unending, lasting, change, long, unconquerable, perfect, changeable, pure, unyielding, world without end, unbroken, undying, unremitting, fadeless, everlasting.

Usage examples: