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Definition of douse:

  1. To fall suddenly into water.
  2. To plunge suddenly into water; to duck; to immerse; to dowse.
  3. To put out; to extinguish.
  4. To strike or lower in haste; to slacken suddenly; as, douse the topsail.


hold out, steep, inconvenience, fudge, brush, discommode, thump, trouble, surcharge, hook, gazump, inebriate, dodge, smack, hock, stamp out, anaesthetize, engross, plump, imbrue, plume, launch, wet, incommode, smash, poke, plunk, submerse, chop, box, anesthetise, disoblige, bat, soak, crack, extend, slam, clip, dowse, absorb, bother, switch, enter, evade, pick, thud, dump, anesthetize, elude, issue, fillip, haymaker, immerge, extinguish, slug, rap, stretch out, biff, put off, swat, dip, spank, pawn, bop, sodden, intoxicate, skirt, wallop, continue, anaesthetise, bury, retire, overcharge, lash, pelt, beat out, belt, fight a fire/blaze, bust, plunge, sock, splash, sop, slap, fleece, clap, beat, quench, dive, swipe, buffet, drench, welt, mist, hit it up, soak up, larrup, dab, parry, stroke, drown out, pluck, wham, dunk, clout, circumvent, put out, stripe, publish, cuff, soak through, hit, smother, whop, rob, duck, hedge, release, sidestep, punch, stretch forth, blow out, whack, hack, snuff out, bring out, put under, pound, knock, bash, thwack, bang, dry, stinger, tackle, souse, dim, lick, exsert.

Usage examples: