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Definition of go by:

  1. A passing without notice; intentional neglect; thrusting away; a shifting off; adieu; as, to give a proposal the go- by.


fall back, agree, answer to, surpass, conk, evanesce, wear on, go through, comply, extend, come about, judge, slip by, fade, keep, draw, arr., booking office, hand, stand out, make it, expire, passing, intervene, exceed, sneak out, cold shoulder, name, pass on, sneak away, happen, legislate, time flies, elapse, lapse, pass, sentimentalize, top, associate, board, hit on, give-up the ghost, croak, accept, tick away, slip away, book on, hive off, aboard, decease, number off, cut, slide by, overstep, put across, exit, sneak off, baptize, turn over, regress, go across, eliminate, snuff it, recidivate, rebuff, isolate, occur, appraise, backslide, go down, go under, spurn, hap, afloat, outdo, excel, booking, retrogress, pass off, proceed, bus, authorize, pass away, outperform, cooperate, travel by, go along, spend, choke, clear, excrete, perish, blow over, run, relapse, bookable, communicate, make pass, call, see, snub, play along, conceive, fall, overhaul, pop off, kick the bucket, fall out, creep by, sum up, outgo, glide by, settle, christen, devolve, go, cash in one's chips, sink, measure, go on, authorise, egest, overtake, buy the farm, surmount, look, drop dead, infer, die, take place, set, conceptualize, lead, guide, pass along, muse, give, regard, outmatch, call after, reach, transcend, fleet, continue, go past, the passage of time, come up with, steal away, return, outstrip, name after, pass by, compartmentalize, draw a conclusion/an inference, aisle seat.