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Definition of injured:

  1. of Injure


lacerate, harmed, critical, wounded, burned, hors de combat, stabbed, livid, eviscerate, hurt, battle-scarred, comfortable, mutilated, sorrowful, gloomy, bleak, victim, split, out of action, abraded, swelling, dislocated, lame, miserable, bit, amputee, bitten, scraped, sad, battered, disjointed, the injured, casualty, gashed, maimed, homesick, cut, slit, separated, melancholy, subdued, aggrieved, black-and-blue, cut up, mangled, contusioned, unhappy, slashed, skinned, contused, disabled, walking wounded, torn, bruised, stung, wistful, raw, lacerated, blistered.

Usage examples: